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Singapore Medicine and Healthcare System

Healthcare Costs and
Hospital Charges
Managed Care, Health Insurance,
Medishield and Medisave
Hospitals and Clusters
(Singhealth and NHG)
  • Publishing hospital charges
  • Means testing
  • Rising healthcare costs
  • Private hospital charges
  • Medishield revisions
  • Medisave changes
  • Private health insurance
  • Managed health care
  • Khoo Teck Paut (AH @ Yishun),
        Jurong and Woodlands Hospitals
  • Record Integration
  • Singhealth and NHG clusters

  • Manpower
    Training and Standards
  • Doctors leaving the public sector
  • Foreign doctors
  • Nursing shortage
  • Are doctors working too long hours
  • Medical lawsuits
  • Medical errors
  • Human Organ Transplant Act
  • Post graduate medical school
  • Teleradiology and outsourcing
  • Research funds and donations

  • MOH Policy
    Letters to Forum
    and Miscellaneous
    Alternative Treatment and
    Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)
  • Shift focus to primary health care
  • Should clinics stop dispensing drugs?
  • Subsidies for foreign workers
  • Medical advertising
  • Bed Shortages & Waiting times
  • Overcharging & Fee Guidelines
  • National Kidney Foundation(NKF) Scandal
  • Registration of sinsehs
  • TCM makes inroads into health care system

  • Work in progress

      This is a work in progress. If you cannot click on the above links/topics, it simply means that I plan to put them online, but I just haven't had the time to organise, review and comment on them. I probably will do it someday, hopefully by the year 2050 (witness how the NUS Medical Student page has been "under construction" since 2002....).
       In the meantime, if you feel that any topic is of special interest to you, please email me and I'll see what I can do to speed it up. Cheers!

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